When In Macau/Hong Kong

November 25-28, 2016

So this is an overdue blog entry. I know, right? But I felt that there was a ‘need’ to blog this life changing experience. Bear with me. Thanks! 🙂

It was I think 1-2 months before our trip that I learned that my passport was going to expire in 4 months. It was required to have at least 6 months passport validity when travelling abroad but anyway, I took the risk. Luckily enough, I was able to pass by the immigration peacefully.

During this time, I do not know what I want in general. Please refer to this post- For What It’s Worth. It was published on December 1, few days after this trip. It was when I finally accepted that yes, I was in trouble.

It was all smiles during the whole trip. It was my first trip out of the country and I want to make the most out of it. From 22,000 to 25,000 steps everyday, it was fun. We did everything we could. So here you go. Pictures not in order.


Macau: Dinner at Wynn, thank you ate  May!


Macau: This spot reminds me of Batibot in UST. Go USTe!


Hong Kong: When we literally went after our happines– yung ferry 🙂 para di na kami mag-google ng happiness! HAHA!

Hong Kong: After the cable car ride. Hunger games!!!!

Macau: Yoga night just because.

Macau: Ruins of St. Paul’s at night

Macau: Because we love the air outside the mall/casino, can’t remember where.

Macau: Thank you iPad timer for this wonderful stolen shot. hihi

At Macau Tower, we were there 8:45pm 🙂 Kami lang tao, solong solo.

Macau: At ate May’s flat; after a whole day of walking and eating, gin and tonic night. 

Hong Kong: At Mana! Fast Slow Food, for vegetarians. I thought I would not enjoy the food but I did. 

Hong Kong: At The Big Buddha. Trying my best to do a blogger shot!?!

Hong Kong: My happiness. hahaha!

At Macau Tower 🌃

Macau street

Macau street at night. Cleaann!

Macau: from Blissful Carrot, favorite.

So that’s the tourist part of the trip. Moving on….

This is when I got the chance to laugh and ‘hugot’ my heart out. I felt free. I felt I can do anything and say anything to them without the fear of being judged.  I literally forgot everything in the Philippines. HAHAHAHA! BUT, the good thing was, I never really told them what was happening to me. They challenged me to be better, to not settle for anything that is not for me and to go after what would make me happy. It was a relief to know that I am not the only one and the good news was, they got over it and so am I.

Few months after, it was not as easy as it seems. I started to question my worth, my values, my principles and everything in between. It was the hardest months. But I was reminded to be gentle with myself. I believed that I was growing, not just in the way I expected it. I gave myself a chance, I took risks and I choose to be happy.

At the end of each day, all I have is who I am. I made it this far and I am not going to stop to be better, everyday.

Thank you, Lord 🙂



Hi ate! Walang iiyak ha? Char!

Ang pinakabaliw , pinakamakulit, pinakamaganda (kasama kami nila Ate Cha, Ate Che, Madam at Liz), at pinakamatalino kong ate.

426061_10150643333486248_1252453755_nTanda mo pa to? HAHAHAHAHA. Go Petron!


384134_10151465654903636_1146155824_nOvernight!! Employees of the year!

562051_10151467657578636_1092717867_nAng epic na epic na sandwich spread na lagi mong ginagawa para samin 🙂

402863_10151309051283636_143219064_nFriday the 13th getaway

559315_10151266045368636_1855184844_nLunch na para kay Madam :))

530203_10151435606833636_852611619_nStar City 

28021_10151628185758636_1218364755_nInfobuilder Christmas Party 2012

150685_10151629318963636_1422445283_nDespedida ko last year HAHAHAHA

6378_10151687902553636_1792537290_nLes’ Miserables date 🙂

67615_10151584048318636_1160526941_nOur Jennifer Lopez concert 

IMG_7338Power of Two concert

DSC_8621Favorite picture ko natin :))

I LOOOOOVE YOU ate!! Thank you for being an ate, a friend, a sister and a mentor. Thank you for always listening sa mga kwentos naming lahat. Mamimiss namin yung kahyperan mo and everything. Don Enrique ulit pagbalik mo. hihihihi! SEE YOU SOONEST!

All the best po. Alam kong happy ka. Magiging long distance lang ang relationship natin HAHAHAHA! (alam mo na po ang ibig sabihin niyan). I am always praying for you and for your heart :)))