Song of the Week: DOING IT WRONG by Drake

So cry  if you need to, but I can’t stay to watch you
That’s the wrong thing to do
Touch if you need to, but I can’t stay to hold you
That’s the wrong thing to do
Talk if you need to, but I can’t stay to hear you
That’s the wrong thing to do
Cause you’ll say you love me, and I’ll end up lying
And say I love you too


When In Macau/Hong Kong

November 25-28, 2016

So this is an overdue blog entry. I know, right? But I felt that there was a ‘need’ to blog this life changing experience. Bear with me. Thanks! 🙂

It was I think 1-2 months before our trip that I learned that my passport was going to expire in 4 months. It was required to have at least 6 months passport validity when travelling abroad but anyway, I took the risk. Luckily enough, I was able to pass by the immigration peacefully.

During this time, I do not know what I want in general. Please refer to this post- For What It’s Worth. It was published on December 1, few days after this trip. It was when I finally accepted that yes, I was in trouble.

It was all smiles during the whole trip. It was my first trip out of the country and I want to make the most out of it. From 22,000 to 25,000 steps everyday, it was fun. We did everything we could. So here you go. Pictures not in order.


Macau: Dinner at Wynn, thank you ate  May!


Macau: This spot reminds me of Batibot in UST. Go USTe!


Hong Kong: When we literally went after our happines– yung ferry 🙂 para di na kami mag-google ng happiness! HAHA!

Hong Kong: After the cable car ride. Hunger games!!!!

Macau: Yoga night just because.

Macau: Ruins of St. Paul’s at night

Macau: Because we love the air outside the mall/casino, can’t remember where.

Macau: Thank you iPad timer for this wonderful stolen shot. hihi

At Macau Tower, we were there 8:45pm 🙂 Kami lang tao, solong solo.

Macau: At ate May’s flat; after a whole day of walking and eating, gin and tonic night. 

Hong Kong: At Mana! Fast Slow Food, for vegetarians. I thought I would not enjoy the food but I did. 

Hong Kong: At The Big Buddha. Trying my best to do a blogger shot!?!

Hong Kong: My happiness. hahaha!

At Macau Tower 🌃

Macau street

Macau street at night. Cleaann!

Macau: from Blissful Carrot, favorite.

So that’s the tourist part of the trip. Moving on….

This is when I got the chance to laugh and ‘hugot’ my heart out. I felt free. I felt I can do anything and say anything to them without the fear of being judged.  I literally forgot everything in the Philippines. HAHAHAHA! BUT, the good thing was, I never really told them what was happening to me. They challenged me to be better, to not settle for anything that is not for me and to go after what would make me happy. It was a relief to know that I am not the only one and the good news was, they got over it and so am I.

Few months after, it was not as easy as it seems. I started to question my worth, my values, my principles and everything in between. It was the hardest months. But I was reminded to be gentle with myself. I believed that I was growing, not just in the way I expected it. I gave myself a chance, I took risks and I choose to be happy.

At the end of each day, all I have is who I am. I made it this far and I am not going to stop to be better, everyday.

Thank you, Lord 🙂

Yellow Light

noun slow·down \ˈslō-ˌdau̇n\
: a decrease in the speed at which something is moving or happening

One night, you just realize that there is a lot going on around you and it can’t be stopped. The past few months has been great for me (and for my friends). I feel that I am blessed despite the struggles. I have to make time for everything. It’s hard though, but I am not complaining.

Last night, when I was praying, I was just quiet. I didn’t say much. I only asked God for a hug. He did. I felt it. I cried for a good one minute and after that I felt better.

In this case, I was reminded to also make time for myself. To stop, reflect and appreciate on the little things, on the little moments that I am given. For these little things take up the most room in my heart.


Pano ko ba sisimulan to? Ang bilis din kasi ng mga pangyayare. Puso at lakas ng loob kaya nabuo tong PreGame. From venue to title to talents to artworks to promotions to sponsors to program. Kinikilig padin ako/kami please.

3 days before the event, we have to adjust the program. Ang hanash don is nakapagrelease na kami ng program. Saya po. Pati syempre yung call times ng mga talents kailangan namin iadjust. Taranta talaga.Pero, praise God okay naman saa lahat yung adjustment.

On the day of the event naman, muntik kami mabawasan ng talent tapos 6pm na sobrang lakas ng ulan. Kailangan namin mag-start ng 7pm. Hay. Iba din. Pero wala na naman kami magagawa, we did our best to prepare for the event. Bahala na yung mga tao. hehe.


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**For more pictures just check

Nakakatuwa na sila silang mga artists sinusuportahan yung isa’t isa. Walang pa-VIP sa kanila.

Salamat sa lahat nagpunta kahit sobrang lakas ng ulan. Kaiyak kayong lahat, swear! Nakakatuwa na makita na nageenjoy kayo kahit nakatayo yung iba.

Sa sponsors and media partners– Smirnoff Mule, Zomato, Victory Central Mall, Coffee Stache, Lazada,, Support Local Indie Scene and Visual Effects Manila.

Sa mga friends namin, Along Van Buren, Clubhouse, Tricia, Mikee, Manu, Choy and Nabie. Jusko. Salamat. Sana wag kayo magsawa na tumugtog samin. Sana nagenjoy din kayo.

Jihads, Zuela, Serge, Bullet,  Johnoy and SUD — No words. Thank you! Sa uulitin 🙂

Sa mga tumulong sa Epic– KK, JR, Darzi, Rene, Kate and sa Throwback, huhuhu. Super salamat.

Mga besh, LALA – Gel, Kaye and Cholo. Congrats satin. Walang namatay! Yehey! For the late night meetings, viber convo, sa mga taranta at kilig moments. Advance happy anniversary. ❤

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PreGame Jitters

This is the first time na nagproduce kami (Epic Events) ng event. Last week, inaalala ko how we started. Super nostalgic.

Na-reveal na namin lahat ng artists. Iba. Iba yung feeling. Kasi parang yun na eh, nabigay na namin lahat. (Ano daw?!) Hindi ko alam how people are going to react to the event’s line up. But it is the best that we can offer, for now.

Sobrang kinakabahan ako. 22 days before the event. We still have a lot to arrange and to prepare but I am thankful that I have my 3 partners — Cholo, Gel and Kaye. Uhmmm. Shocks. Pwede umiyak? :))))

Advance happy anniversary to us and to everyone who has been part of our awesome journey! Cheers! See you on July 9!

All event details and posters are also posted thru this event page:


A Sacrifice of the Heart

So I always receive an email from The Gospel Daily, and today… I read this.

“But, God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” – Romans 5:8

One of the most precious things to behold is a Mother and her newborn child. She looks at this beautiful gift that she has been bestowed with wonder, devotion, and amazing love. She would do anything to protect, prosper, and defend her little blessing, even sacrificing her own life in the process. The human heart cannot even imagine the extent of the sacrifice that God made because He loves us.

Thank you, Lord for loving me perfectly.