The Sunday Currently 002

The sunday currenly 002


Reading// Job listings. HA HA HA!

Writing// The Sunday Currently 02 and another blog entry.

Listening// Please Don’t Say You Love Me by Gabrielle Aplin

Thinking// Yung future. Excited ako sa mga future plans ko. God is really surprising me with all the desires the nilalagay niya sa puso ko.

Smelling// ummm… walaaa

Wishing// New work abroad. Pretty please.

Hoping// For the best week ahead of me. Or good news. ganern.

Wearing// Sleeeeepwear. Almost ready to sleep naaa

Loving// My plans. hihi

Wanting// Sleep. Katahimikan.

Needing// Courage para sa lahat ng gustong gawin.

Feeling// Excited for all the things that may come and not come. Ngayon lang naging klaro sakin yung sarili kong plano for my future. Yehey!

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