The Sunday Currently 01

First time. Ilang weeks ko na tntry na iblog to pero ewan ko din bakit ngayon lang.


Reading// After You by Jojo Moyes. Book 2 for Me Before You. Taking my time to read the book.

Writing// The Sunday Currently 01

Listening// Sud’s Sila. “Walang sagot sa tanong kung bakit ka mahalaga….” Andaming hugot nitong kantang to sa buhay ko. Haaay. and Find Tomorrow. “Take me to a place where time is frozen, You dont have to close your eyes and dream” 

Thinking// What to eat. Kinda hungry.

Smelling// Nothing. hahaha

Wishing// ummmm ano nga ba? secret? :))

Hoping// For a productive weekend at work. Yahoo!

Wearing// Sleeeeepwear. Kakagising ko palang kasi halos. Sarreh.

Loving// This weekend? Kita ko crush ko ee. :))

Wanting// Bakasyon.

Needing// Prayers. Discernment. ayayayay… time to make some things right.

Feeling// Ummm there are a lot of reasons to be happy. I may feel sad at times but I always remind myself that it is always a choice and always choose to be happy or always look at the positive side. Easier said and done, I know but lets try! Its always worth a try. Yay! Makes sense? :))

Yay for this weekend. Thank you Lord. ❤

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