Things I learned from my bestfriend

Having a guy best friend is like having a friend and a brother all at the same time. He can decipher a guy’s behavior, he will be there for you (within 15 minutes) when you needed rescuing, he will let you cry your heart out at the same time never wanting to see you cry, and will always prepare you for the worst.

Things I learned from having you as my best friend:

  1. Converse. Translating my thoughts into feelings even if it takes a lifetime. When is the right time to say stuff– saying sorry, your opinion, jokes, and how grateful you are.
  2. Never forget the good things. Never let a single mistake erase all the good things a person did for you. NEVER.
  3. Acceptance. Acceptance does not mean approval. Accept the good, accept the bad. PERIOD. No judging.

The time has come to say goodbye, or see you soon. I do not really know. We knew this would happen. This needed to happen. This was the bravest decision (for our friendship) you/me have ever made. Thank you for doing this.


Proverbs 17_17


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