What Matters Most.

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It has been a constant struggle to choose from the good and the bad, needs from wants, from being friends to more than friends, to stay or to leave or to be better or bitter. 

They say that a friend can and will love you more than a lover could. #JustSaying

It is a big risk to be or to take a friendship into a more serious relationship. It will be either a happy ending or friendship over. 

At first, eveything’s a bliss. The both of you knew each other well and everything was falling into place. You both knew how to annoy and make each other smile, how to make fun, embarrassing and happy moments together. You can turn a 3-5 minute conversation into hours and hours talking about anything that you can talk about. You knew each other’s past—including the struggles, victories, personal life, love life; basically everything. You were there for each other in good times and in bad. 

At the same time, it was as hard as it seems. Those things that you shared were also the same things that you feared for the “relationship”. 


Being bestfriends cannot erase the fact that you still have indifferences and issues that you do not both agree. 

Acceptance does not mean approval.

You do not want to reach the point where you cannot look into the eyes of the person and smile, where you cannot even say goodbye without being awkward. You do not want to reach the point where all you have left is pain, hurt and regret for the other person. 

What matters most is to remain friends and save the friendship after everything. It will give you more assurance that you will both stay in each other’s lives rather than being in a relationship and let go of each other because you were both not happy.

“Minsan mas madaling piliin kung ano yung mas makakapagpasaya sa atin sa ngayon kesa piliin yung mas makakapagpasaya satin ng mahabang panahon.”


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