Matrix 8-inch Cut for Cancer Challenge

It all started with this video. I am a follower of Maxene Magalona in Twitter and the rest is history. After I watched this video, I was unsure if will register or not. I am not used with having short hair because for me, my hair makes me beautiful (HAHAHAHA, seriously). But then I realized, t ‘was for a good cause. I am too blessed not to share my hair (It was nothing compared with what they are going through.) with these kids. It was a small act but it meant a lot to them. My grandmother died because of breast cancer and I know how it feels to lose someone you love because of cancer. That is also the reason why this experience felt so personal to me.

When I arrived at The Block, I was shocked in a good and affirmative way. There were a lot of girls who wanted to cut their hair and donate it.


The most exhilarating part was that I sat on a chair with NO MIRROR and it made me more scared because I WAS NOT ABLE TO TELL what was happening with my hair. I just told Kuya Dexter (Matrix Hairdresser) to cut off 8 inches of my hair. I did not even told him what kind of hairstyle I prefer. I just sat there like a baby and let him do his job. When he was about to start, the sound of his scissors cutting through my hair was a beautiful nightmare. I told myself “There is no turning back”. When he gave me my hair, I could not believe that I did it.


Minutes passed, I transferred chairs thrice. First was the hair cutting proper, NO MIRROR. Second was the blower part, again, NO MIRROR. Last but not the least, the finishing part, finally… MIRROR!!! I was surprised because I like my hair and it was something new for me.



I thought that it was more for the kids than it was for me. BUT I REALIZED THAT IT WAS MORE FOR ME, why? Because during the whole experience, I thought I was vision-less. No mirror in front of me, okay. That was a selfish reason. But it became a blessing the moment I realized that even if I cannot appreciate what was happening to me (my hair), I was seeing and comprehending what was happening around me – a lot of girls who are willing to donate more than 8 inches of their hair, the hairdressers who gave their best in what they do, the hairdressers thanking each girls for donating their hair, the girls in all smiles after cutting their hair. THAT WAS THE BEST PART.

Thank you Matrix Philippines for an opportunity like this. I pray for the kids and everyone with cancer. I hoped that I have put a smile on their face. You are always in my heart and prayers.



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