Don’t Just Go Through Relationships, Grow Through Relationships


James Michael Sama

Breakups happen every day. Some people get back together, some don’t. Sometimes it’s a mutual feeling, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes you’re the one who wants it to end, sometimes you’re not.

And sometimes, neither person wants it to, it’s just by virtue of circumstances or the situation at hand.


You are going to get hurt, in life and in relationships. You will give too much to people and willingly risk your emotional well-being. Some might betray you. Some might take advantage of you. And even if your relationship is great, if you don’t marry them, the undeniable fact is that some day, the two of you will part ways.

So, if it’s going to end, then what’s the point, right?

Each person we come across in the course of our lives will leave a mark on us…if we allow it. They will help us grow, teach us new things, and show us…

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