X-MEN: Days of Future Past

Past– having existed in a time before the present : from, done, or used in an earlier time

Future– coming after the present time : existing in the future

I strongly believe that whatever decisions I made in the past will reflect my future. When I was pondering on the question, I am doing my best to remind myself what was that something that I wanted to change. It was hard because I am the type of person who always seeks learning from the mistakes I made, charge it to experience and to always look at the positive side of the situation.

BUT if I had the chance to correct a decision/event to save my future, it will be the moments that I refuse to obey my parents and let things happen in my own way. The simplest instance, a cliche’ that most of us will agree — to study hard. Education will always be the most precious gift I have ever received and wanted to receive ever in my whole life from my parents and the most precious gift that my parents would want from me is to graduate.

Few years back, I believed that I was an intelligent enough to graduate on time but in factI did not. I knew the sacrifice my parents did for me to provide everything that I need (emotionally, physically, prepared me mentally and most specially financially).  I also knew that all I have to do back then is to study. I was not doing any household chores or tutoring my two younger brothers. I was the ‘spoiled child’. When I told my parents that I will not be able to graduate on time, they were not angry at all but I was disappointed with myself. My parents did not deserve that but they still supported and loved me. In that moment, I wish I could have studied harder and studied hardest besides, it was the only thing that they wanted. They did not ask for any honors or specific grades or whatever from me. Then, I realize that they only wanted the best for me because it is for me; for my FUTURE.

In today’s generation, not everyone has the privilege to study. Praise God for my parents because I was able to study in institutions that molded my character and my personality.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY and advanced HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Love you both!


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