How do you cross something off your bucket list when it is not on your list?

I love spontaneous, unplanned and go with the flow kind of night.


This was not the first time we #yolo-ed on a Monday night. I remembered we went to Tagaytay. Left Manila at 6pm, reached Tagaytay at around 8pm. We stopped at MCDO drive thru in SLEX for dinner and just had coffee at Starbucks, arrived home before 12 midnight. It was fun. No gadgets, no internet, just a real conversation. NO PLANS.

And it happened again… we had dinner at one of my favorite place, we do not know where to go after, so we just stayed in the car, literally stayed in the car  and just talk. Talk everything under the stars — family, principles, love life, work, future, past, etc. So when we’re on our way home, something unfortunate happened. His car overheated. It’s funny because this is the 3rd time I experienced a car overheated (I do not want to believe that I am a jinx). I did not panic because we were able to stop at a gas station and I think that I am a professional in handling those kind of situations. HAHA!

IMG_9454[1]To the car, I love the second.

We decided to leave the car and just grab a taxi or whatever to go home. Lucky enough, there is none. We walked. We walked at C3, a road that is full of trucks, garbage and a not so safe place. But we managed, I enjoyed the almost 2km walk. When I got home, I was so tired but happy. A night that I will never forget.

This is nice when you are starting a new friendship. You cannot build friendship on social media or texting. Spend time and YOLO.




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