Questions. Serious Questions.

What will you do if one of the reasons why you are happy is also the same reason you are hurting? Will you endure or give up? Will you be able to keep reminding yourself that it will be worth it in the end? What if you are holding on for the wrong reason/s? What if you can be better but choose to settle on what you believe? How would you know that you are living in the present and not on the promises of the past? Would you follow your emotional heart or your logical mind?  How can you stop hurting?




  1. Reblogged this on guardedandguidedheart and commented:
    This is exactly where my my thoughts are heading these past few days. I was wondering if the enemy is trying to get into me so I would lose track of my goals.

    There are times I don’t know what to pray for. But then the Lord is indeed patient with each one of us, that He keeps on reminding us that the moment we lifted every aspect of our lives unto Him, things are under His perfect control and are happening the way He planned them to be.

    Lord, bless me with the heart that is in harmony with Yours.. A heart that doesn’t question, rather, always accepts Your will. ❤

    Praise the Lord for this, Levin. Your posts are really inspiring! 🙂

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