7 Life-Changing Experiences Every Girl Deserves To Have


Thought Catalog

It doesn’t have to be “before getting married,” because this isn’t about your relationship status. It’s about the things that, as women, we might not always be taught are in the realm of possibility — but which we all must try at least once.

1. Traveling alone.

There is something both freeing and terrifying about traveling alone. As women, we often try not to travel alone if at all possible, because we think that it’s going to be dangerous or even simply boring. And it definitely shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it’s also something very unique about the experience that we should all enjoy. It allows you to be the most pure version of yourself, and to explore the world around you in a way you just can’t when you’re with other people.

2. Proving to yourself that you can do something athletically.

It doesn’t have to be a marathon…

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