Back then, I cannot understand how love means sacrifice. Except, of course the love and sacrifice Jesus had done. There is no question and doubt about that.



What I really mean is, how is love equal to sacrifice in this human world. When I was a teenager, I thought that when someone is making an effort to be with me, it is love, when someone is spending time with me, it is love. I WAS WRONG. If you are to read my previous posts, this is the part where I have learned a lot of things after my break up (Go check https://starsaroundme.wordpress.com/2013/07/08/will-you-still-love-me-tomorrow/). I was pondering if I have already moved on or something. I cannot say that I have already moved on but I already accepted the separation fact. Forgave myself, asked for forgiveness to the person I caused pain. I started to have realizations of my own about how love is equal to sacrifice. These are my thoughts when I am praying.

My love language is quality time. It means that I feel loved when someone is spending not just time with me but quality time. I do not care if you spend a whole day with me but I do not feel like you are into the moment, that is not quality time for me. I appreciate more those who spend 1 or 2 hours with me and genuinely make the most out of it. But now, I learned that quality time also means not being with me but doing something for me because that someone is literally spending time to make me feel happy and loved, as simple as that.  

Love is sacrifice when you let go of the things that is not good for your partner even if it is YOU. In that case, that is me. I was too demanding and possessive in a way I could not understand then. In short, selfish. I wanted him to be with me when I am tired/stressed at work even if he is also tired. I was starting to demand time even if I know and understand what he’s been doing. Now, I learned that it is not always about me or my own happiness. I needed more room for understanding and accepting the things that do not go my way.

Love is sacrifice when you are happy seeing him/her happy with other people or whatever he/she into. I wanted to be his number one fan. Support him in everything that he does but I cannot.  I am really happy seeing him with a lot of friends and a lot of work because that is what makes him happy. Watch the video.

I am thankful that the Lord made me realize these things. It was 100 times hard, but it was worth it.  Remember the Law of Sacrifice? “To attain something of greater value, one must give up something of lesser value. ” It is true, we always lose something but God will always give us something that is better or the best for each one of us.

To my future God’s gift, I am looking forward to be with you because God is molding me to be the best person He wanted me to be. Wherever you are, please take good care of yourself and remember that I am always praying for you. I hope that we’ll meet at the perfect time, at the perfect moment God has planned. 




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