In Christ, we are forgiven.

This is my favorite scene in the movie October Baby.

I am struggling to embrace forgiveness. It is hard to forgive someone who cuts you so deep but does not ask for it, right? I cannot do it. I am angry, up to the point that I do not want to see him/her. I want the person to suffer because he/she has caused me a deep excruciating pain straight in the flesh. I cannot even talk to him/her and say what I really feel because seeing him/her makes me bleed. I appreciate him/her reaching out to me. And he/she knows that I am really furious. My heart is at its hardest state right now. I do not know how long will this take but I must admit that it is not easy being angry to someone and I am not happy with our situation. I just pray the best for him/her.

Yes, God is reminding me that I have the power to forgive and choose forgiveness because God already did forgive me without me asking. But right now, i just can’t.

Can I ask you a favor? Include me in your prayers. It means a lot. Thanks! ❤


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