The Differences Between Acquaintances, Friends, Best Friends & Soul Mates


Thought Catalog

Friends are great, charts are fun and any opportunity to paste that glorious Kim Kardashian cry face somewhere shouldn’t be wasted, so this was a no brainer. Now, every connection and friendship experience is different, so is this graphic 100% accurate? Yes, actually it is so if it doesn’t apply I’m not quite sure what to tell you, but we’re just acquaintances so I don’t feel obligated to say anything other than, wow it’s pretty chilly outside today, huh? Actually, now I’m being sarcastic with you so does that make us friends? Come speak to me in movie quotes, eat the hummus in my fridge and take a poop at my place so we can be best friends. If anyone is interested in being soul mates just promise me a kidney so I know it’s real. TC Mark

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