So, I was talking to a friend last night, I told this friend that i was having second thoughts on attending an event. I felt like I have a sort of ‘obligation’ or ‘pressure’ so I have to be there. I do not want to disappoint anyone. He told me that I do not have any obligation if I already feel that I am being compromised. He told me (this was not the exact words but this was what he meant ‘wala kang obligasyon don, kung sa tingin mo napipilitan ka lang, wag na. Kung di ka din masaya, wag na. Kaya ka napapagod eh, cncompromise mo yung sarili mo, kung sila nga makapag inarte eh’.

From the moment I heard it from my earphones, I was already teary eyed because I knew he was right. Yes, I am STILL compromising my own happiness for others, in a bad way. I was afraid to recognize my true feelings. Compromise is a not a negative word because sometimes, you really need to compromise, even your own happiness.

Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me (Matthew 16:24).

In this case, I understood what he meant when he said it. That sometimes, if I really do not feel good on doing something, there is no need to push myself. I realized that I need to learn how to say NO. The conversation also made me realize that I need to be honest with myself. Because denying your own feelings will do no good to me or to anyone else. AND, compromising out of love is good but out of pressure or obligation, I don’t think so.

Always choose what makes you happy.

….Because love can really make a big difference.

Am i making sense? I think I need a break.
Thank you Lord for my friends.


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