Power of Two

Last September 28, I attended a free concert c/o Philippine Daily Inquirer. It was a promo and Ate May, my office mate, won the contest.


The show started around 815PM and ended at around 1130PM (sulit na sulit lang). Aiza and Charice opened the show by singing Michael Jackson’s songs and we wonder why. hahaha.


Aiza performed first. She was a little flat/sharp in her first song,I wondered what happened? I thought that I was the only one who heard it (feelingerang musically inclined na alam ang difference ng flat and sharp), so I just ignored it. Then, when she was already speaking, she has this hoarse voice (so tama ang hinala ko, nag-flat or nag-sharp siya). She just got out of the hospital the night before the concert (ahhhhhhhhhhh). That’s the reason why I admired her talent more. She was really great. I love her set. Her choice of song were very heartfelt (tagos talaga sa puso eh!). It was pure voice. Even if she was sick, she gave a good show. She was very thankful to all who attended the concert.

She sang Clarity, Iris, Kanlungan by Noel Cabangon, she also offered a song to her girlfriend, “Araw-Gabi”, to our country “Imagine” and a lot more. Last but not the least, she performed SIRENA with Gloc 9. I was shouting and shouting through out the song (pardon my not so good shouting voice sa video), I love Gloc 9. I was so so so so happy. Epic performance by both of them.

Charice was next. I love the new arrangement of her songs. She opened with her song Pyramid. She sang How Could an Angel Break my heart with her girlfriend. I was touched with how she missed and loves her family. She really wanted them to be there at the concert. She paid tribute to Whitney Houston and performed Louder and many more (Wala ng masabi kasi wala ng video nung iba). Her surprise guest was Abra. They sang Gayuma together. I love Abra! Charice made the people danced. Good job!

Abra completed my night. He was sitting at the back of our seat. OH EM GEEE! I completely forgotten what’s happening around me. When we got back on our seat, we didn’t understand what Aiza and Charice are talking about. That moment was all about ABRA!


Gloc 9 and Abra made a special performance singing Kaleidoscope World and the-song-Abra-beautifully-sang-rapped. Sorry, I don’t know the title.

Back to the concert, both of them sang their OPM Hits. Pagdating ng Panahon, Anong Nangyare Sating Dalawa, Yakap and Makita Kang Muli. Unfortunately, Charice lip sync the climax of Makita Kang Muli. Boo!

They ended the show singing Titanium. CLAP CLAP CLAP for them!


On the other hand, it was exactly the third month of me being single. One thing I realized because of the songs are — time flies so fast and time heals all wounds. I am praying for healing for the both of us.



Thank you ate May! and to your sponsor!

P.S. I LOVE THE LIGHTS! ❤ and was bothered by the LED Wall screen that is going up and down. hihi





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