Psalm 46:5

Psalm 46:5

So, it’s time to make things complicated AGAIN (hahahahahaha!). tentenenentenen.

I like to walk, it is one of my stress busters. I thank God for allowing me to have opportunities to walk everyday. Straight to the point, when I was walking from LRT to MRT, I had to use the stairs. Unfortunately, I slipped 😦 but I was able to maintain balance, thank God. I was really embarrassed. I hoped none of the girls behind me noticed. I just continued walking, pretending that nothing like that happened. But wait, there’s more. My slipping series did not end there, when the security guard checked my bag in MRT, I slid like 1 foot. It’s the usual walking path I took so I do not know why it happened. A random guy that was walking beside me was ready to catch me if ever i slid more than a foot. I laughed and told myself how “lampa” I am today. When I was on the last leg of walking, I was really really careful not to put myself to shame.

And i read this Bible verse. I knew that God did not want me to fall, face first. He was with me even if I am only walking. He taught me today that it is okay to slid,slide or even stumble because God will never let me fall. Or even if I did, He is there to help and guide me to stand up and walk again with grace.

The verse reminded me that in everything that I have been through, I made it because of the Lord. In times of my weakness, heartbreaks, fragility, vulnerability, shortcomings, and imperfections, God was with me. That when I am at my worst, it is when He is working more in me than I am. I realized that God wanted me to be stronger and stronger as I journeyed.

Thank you Lord.


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