I recently attended Real Love Revolution 2013 last September 7, 2013 in PICC. It is a Pro Life/Chastity Conference featuring the husband and wife — Jason and Crystalina Evert. They are both chastity speakers who travel around the world promoting about purity.

I learned about the event 3 days before and I was so frustrated if I will not able to attend again. (I was not able to go Real Love Revolution 2012 feat. Leah Darrow šŸ˜¦ ) I got myself a Php 150 ticket. So there, I went with my girls, we attended the afternoon session. Unfortunately, we missed the Holy Eucharist presided by Cardinal Tagle :(.

Jason spoke first, he spoke about his adventure towards chastity, his adventure of finding his one true love, his adventure of learning the truth about love and purity then Crystalina spoke her side of the story. They were both source of inspiration to all the singles, in a relationship, engaged and married couples.

Thank God for using them as a channel of His word,


God is always on time. Never early, never late. I just ended a 7-year relationship two months ago. I am still in a process of moving on and letting go. Real Love Revolution 2013 was a provision from the Lord. He knew what I needed and He blesses me with everything that I need to move forward. When I was listening to Jason and Crystalina sharing their thoughts about the roles of men and women, I was reminded that men and women are equally and uniquely created by God. Men as protector, a father and initiators of love while Women are life givers and nurturers of life. It makes me realize what I did not do in my past relationship and what I can do in my future relationship. I recognized my role as the one who SHOULD take good care of the things and persons around me.

Being single after years of being in a relationship, I made habits and routines that were for a person in a relationship. It was hard to break those habits. It was true to me that “It was hard to let go when you have given so much”. The break up crushed my heart into million pieces. I do not know how to start making it whole again. But as Crystalina said “God wants you exactly where you are. God can use you”. I felt like I was at the right place at the right time. I needed the situation to make me understand my role in this world, my importance as a woman and the purpose of what happened. I felt like I wanted to empower women, to let them know that they are the most beautiful creation of God, to make them see that it is okay to wait for the man of their dreams and most especially to know how to take good care of themselves. (I am also telling myself these words, always!)

The beauty of being single again is that it is a fresh start. “It is never too late to start over”. And now, I can start loving and praying for my future husbands as Jason said. I was affirmed by the Lord through #RLR2013 that I must embrace singleness because this is the time to love my self more, enjoy my time with my bridesmaids, be the woman of my dreams and to run towards God and build a more personal relationship with and to remind myself everyday that I am worth the wait.

I must not be afraid to love again because it is a precious opportunity and a wonderful gift from the Father.



For more of Jason and Crystalina Evert, you can follow him at Twitter.

Like their Facebook page.

Visit their website.

God Bless us šŸ™‚


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