Post Ad Ventures, Inc.

I don’t know how to start but being part of Post Ad family has been a very big blessing to me.

Working at PAD has been a test of character, a personality stretch and a self-check.

Thank you Sir Jong and Ms. M for guiding me all the way. For telling me what to do, for telling me what is wrong and what is right. For being patient with me and for being my mentors. I will be forever grateful for the things you have taught me. Thank you for always reminding me to be at my best always.

Ate Jez, for being my first ever partner. Thank you for patiently teaching me stuffs. I miss our every Saturday event.  Thank you for being a good friend. I know our friendship will be for keeps. Always be sweet. I’ll miss your katarayan. 🙂

Superfriend Vini, my first ever AE. Thank you sa pagsunod sa lahat ng utos namin ni Ate Jez. hehe. Thank you for taking care of us.

Tita Sab, for being a mom to me. For always understanding my reasons and for always listening to what I have to say. Thank you for your unconditional love.

Ate Lucci, my love. Thank you for being so sweet. Thank you for the hugs that comforts me.

Kuya Art, thank you for the assurance that everything is going to be okay. Araw araw panalo 🙂

Ate Hannah, for being my first teacher here in Post Ad. Thank you ate!

Ate Janice, thank you for always reminding what I must do. Love life! HAHAHAHAHA. Titibay din tayo 🙂

Ate Flor, thank you for all the stories, for being so cool. We made a good team sa Binangonan. Lamona po yun. HAHA.

Trishieeebabe, Life’s good! haha. Thank you for the patience. It was not easy but I am happy I was with you. I’ll miss your craziness. I’ll always pray for you.

Ms. Bam, thank you din po for the guidance at liwanag 🙂

Madam Conrad, I’ll miss your very creative mind, lipat ka na sa creatives 😛

Kuya Paul, the best troubleshooter. It was a privilege working with you lalo na nung company retreat.

Kuya Bander, salamat sa mga libreng pamasahe. HAHA.

Ate Andy, Thank you po sa maraming maraming maraming maraming kwento.

Ate Kath, thank you po sa pagdulong sa lahat ng mga kailangan ko. you da best!

Ate Dawn, na mas matanda ako, HAHA. mamimiss ko ang mga tawa mo. ang unique na tawa mo.

Ate Cel,, thank you po for the little time na nagkabonding tayo.

Tom and Kuya Doy, ang mga malilikhaing utak. Salamat sa paggawa ng mga artworks na rush.

Jorie, Cas, Roch, Celle and Ella, I am happy to have worked with all of you. Ang saya nung dumating kayo.

Norris, miss ko na mga games mo and your creative ideas! 🙂

Thank you din po sa lahat ng freelancers na cinonsider akong anak — Ate Anie and Kuya Lance.  Kuya Nel, salamat din.

PAD and the people in PAD will always be a part of me, a part of who I am, one of the reasons that made me better.

Working in Post Ad taught me to speak for myself, understand the deeper meaning of respect, and another meaning of family.

Also, it gave me the opportunity to deepen my faith and relationship with the Lord.

I will miss the laughters, the morning prayer, the aquarium, the conference room, the pantry, the biometrics, Maximus, Optimus, Panay, peanut butter, the printer, liquidations, budget request — everything about Post Ad.

Post Ad will always be inside my heart.




  1. Hala! Thank you Levin! It was a nice experience working with you kahit sandali lang! 🙂 I just hope you didn’t feel…well…obliged to edit this. ‘Di ako aware Dawn really had to tell you. Stress! 😐 Haha!

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