Will you still love me, tomorrow?


It has been 7 wonderful years. I can still remember the first date, first holding hands, first hug, first movie, first LQ, first love letter, first dance, first testimonial, first christmas, first anniv., first valentines and a lot of firsts.

7 years. It was a roller coaster ride. There were happy, sad, romantic, irittating, sweet, sour, bitter moments.

He knew me more than anyone else. He knows when I’m bored, he knows when Im not in the mood. He knows when I need space, he knows when i need silence and he knows when I can and when I cannot. He knew how to love me. Thank you for taking good care of me.

Everytime we got into a fight, he already know what to do — give me anything that I can eat. He was the sweeter one. I admire his patience. He always make sure that I am happy. He was a man of dreams and I am really proud that he is. My one and only architect.

We both learned and became more mature in our relationship. It was not perfect but it was a journey I’ll repeat with him. I learned a lot from him, he taught me things that made me the person I am now. I thank the Lord for
giving him to me and got to spend 7 years of my life with him. I may not be the perfect girlfriend, ive had my share of wrongs and shortcomings, Im sorry.

He’s the best boyfriend, ever! I love him to the moon and back.


This is the time when God stirs my heart and made me realize a lot of things about love and commitment.

History repeats itself. 2nd time. I asked the Lord, why? Why is this happening to us, again? God answered me, it was because we forgot, I forgot the simple things– we love each other, our relationship is blessed by our parents, we have good friends praying and supporting us, and many more. I forgot all of it because I was hurting, because I was focusing on what we do not have — time.

The last time we talked, it was one of the best conversations we had, we shared tears, laughs and sarcasm 🙂 It was a great night. Something that I will treasure.

I gave up. I am still praying on what the Lord wants me to learn. I am thankful that this is happening to us. I know that our situation will help us to be better as an individual.

He will always be in my thoughts, in my heart and in my prayers. Im going to miss our food trips, our movie dates, our laughs, our haircuts, our weirdness, our fights, our debates and everything we do as a couple.

Up to the end, God blessed us with a beautiful good bye. Our love story is still writing and I surrender it to You. Thank you Lord for this time to rest our hearts. I will always be here.

PS. Title’s from him



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