An Event to Remember


This was God’s message to me through this event.

I was about to resign as a Prouction Manager when God called me to do this event. I said YES and told myself that this would be the last.

So we prepared– finding suplier, manpower and talents, client meetings, proofing, ocular, pre prod meeting, etc.

I have only one supplier for stage, lights, sounds, genset, LED wall tv, trusses and platform. My plan was to wait for all equipments to be on site and start setting up then i’ll go home. We need to finish setting up before 10am.

Here’s what happened.

10pm- start of Ingress

11pm- stage people arrived.

12am- i am already following up other equipments.

1am- doing nothing. chilling.

2am- waiting

3am- still waiting for other equipments. Platform was set. Carpet was not enough. I asked the stage people to paint the platform as plan b.

4am- waiting

5am- finally, other equipments arrived.

6am- Setting up. When I saw the platform, it was not good (panget talaga).

7am- I am ready to die. hehe. I know we could not finish setting up on time.

8am- halfway on setup. We’re already troubleshooting about the carpet. Thank God for friends.

9am- me and my boss went to the carpet supplier. I already cried, i do not know what to do. I can’t show any sign of weakness to my team. The show must go on.

945am- we arrived at the venue and start putting the carpet on the platforms.

10am- we have to move the platform closer to the techbooth. Did I already mention that the platform was 11.80m X 8m X 2inches. Imagine? plus, we also have to move the tech booth closer to the stage. My director, voice over and stage manager were already helping.

1030am- stage, lights, sounds are done setting up. We’re late. We have to move the platforms again plus the LED tv above it and other props.

***We moved the platforms and techbooth FOUR times!!!!!! We could not start the technical rehearsal.

11am- we’re done setting up but not the backstage. lalalalalalalalalalala. im dying!!!

11am to 4pm- we’re still fixing A LOT of minor issues. My director decided not to do technical rehearsal.

4pm- start of program proper. *Sigh*

The Lord tested my character and my skills. I felt that production is not for me. I felt that it was something that I cannot handle. I felt inefficient. I thought I already learned a lot from my past events.

I had a hard time understanding what the Lord wanted me to learn. I was hurting. I thought I did my best.

My client was not happy. I was also
not happy.

Two days after the event, when I reminisce what happened, I always cry. It was traumatic. I do not want to do events anymore. My spirit was broken.

The message of the Lord came to me unexpectedly. He spoke to me through a workshop.

My realization:

The Lord is my major source of strength and wisdom at the time when I was down and left with nothing. He was my energy pill. I do not know how I made it through without Him.

The Lord humbled me. I realized that there is still much more room for improvement. I knew that it was my fault, I was to blame. But at the same time, the Lord sent His angels to comfort me, to make me feel loved, to appreciate what my team did.

I am thankful that God gave me a wonderful team, who are passionate and love what they do.They were my strength. I love them.

I learned a lot. It was not easy but it was worth the pain.

I know that I I glorified the Lord and it is enough. The battle is already over. I have won! 🙂

PS. I withdrew my resignation.


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