Witness #SFCICON2013

WHAT:  Singles for Christ Icon

WHEN: February 15-17, 2013

WHERE: World Trade Center, Manila

WHO: Every single man and women

This was my first SFC Icon. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the first night due to work reasons. I attended the Paramore an concert for free (I feel so blessed, it was my 2nd time to attend a concert for free, Thank you Lord!) together with the daughter of my boss, Jazz. It was fun though and it was my first time to attend a rock concert. Saturday is work day also. I have an event called Purpose Driven Photographer, so I have to be there the whole afternoon. Fast forward… Jerome and I met and we went to the conference together since he was also coming from work.

I missed Session 1. Invitation.

We made it at World Trade Center at around 730pm. Session 2 was already starting. It was all about being EMPTY.


Handwriting ni Jerome (ganda ng sulat eh noh? ganyan daw kapag future architect na)


LOVE eliminates EMPTINESS.

Session 3. Transformation.

It became clear to me that every time I experience emptiness, it was an opportunity for me to have a change of heart, to choose Christ and to follow Christ again.  It was a very refreshing session, I was reminded by unconditional love of the Lord.  At the same time,  it entails consistency from me.  It is a decision I have to make EVERYDAY. 

EXTRA: One of my resolutions is to read the Bible EVERYDAY aside from the daily Gospel reading. If  I can read  a novel by Stephanie Meyer/Sophie Kinsella/EL James, I know I can finish reading and understanding the Bible (YOU CAN,TOO).

I also realized that God did not want me to be  alone. He has given His instruments of love to help me move forward in this journey of life and love — my family and friends.

MY FAVORITE PART: Mass by Archbishop Tagle 

The moment I knew that there will be a mass at 9pm, I was like OMG! Like these late??? Struggle!!! But the moment I heard that Archbishop Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, I was “WHOAH!!!” (my expression says it all, right?).


Here’s an article of his homily: MUST READ!


What I learn about his homily is that, I must not be forgetful. I must ALWAYS fill my heart and mind with memories of the Lord and His perfect plan for me.  In this way, resisting temptation will be easier. But it does not exempt me from temptation either, because I believe that the more I am intimate with the Lord, the devil is working five times to win my heart back.

The devil is more on practicality, always goes for the easy way. But the Lord presents everything that is good and desirable in His perfect time. Let’s be patient.

I am officially a fan of Cardinal Tagle.

Session 4. WITNESS

We’re late. We arrived at almost 9am at the venue  (Original call time was 630am, i know, SORRY).  My goal was to be there before the opening worship. Guess what?! I made it! HAHAHAHA. Jesus and I had an intimate conversation (secret na muna namin yun).

Session 4 was very personal to me. There were sharers who witnessed first hand the greatness of the Lord in their own lives. I realized how God works in each and every one of us. Each of them was obedient to the calling of the Lord. They answered YES to the Lord just like what Mama Mary has done. I was reminded that when God calls, He will be more faithful, He will return the favor in ways we are not expecting. It is not easy to obey (I think that is the hardest word to do, hehe), it is important to know deep in our hearts what God really wants for us then we can fully know the true meaning of obedience.

With this session, I grasped that everything starts with a personal relationship with the Lord. How can I obey someone I do not know?

What striked me the most was when the speaker one by one called individuals who took part in his journey. It was one of the things i have forgotten, to express appreciation to the people who brought me closer to Him (excluding my family). Here’s the list:

Richelle Ann Reyes:  My mentor, who has taught me everything and has been my guidance every step of the way.

Jayme Hernandez, Gerald Manapsal (my first partner), Romar Ditangco, Ivan De Galicia – my first household

John Rey Mallapre – a best friend

Tinay Marcelo, Lelay Navarra, Klaudyn Sison – my triplets, my first heartache, HAHAHA. I love you girls!

Kaye Raymundo and Kaye Garcia – my twins. my forever headache. HAHAHA. I love you both!

Couple Coordinators who has been my second parents in the community — Tita Rosanna, Tita Precy, Tito Boyet, Tits Doris, Tito Gary, Tita Lani, Tito Rey, Tita Claire, Tito Ronnie, Tita Edith, Tito Roger, Tita Bebot, Tito Rey, Tito Crispin, Tita Violy

Maan PalacioRenz Tiong, Kevin Sobritchea — my cliquish friends. Alam niyo na yun!

Jennifer Celestra– for being an ate/mentor to me, for telling me what is right

Kwini Tan– for spending time with me, you are one my mentors

Jake Lime– for being a kuya, a confidant

Lora Alaine Raymundo– kambal! thank you for always being there!

Lizel Sta. Ana, Athens Marcos, Minelsa Ybanez– my campus based babies, thank you for inspiring me

 Erika Yango, Geng Bonifacio, Gel Dizon, Jerome Laiz – my favorite household, HAHAHA. You made me so happy.

Rjane Beltran, Jesmel Tugade, James Gagni,Tala Comanda, Jenny Oracion, Cris Cayanan– my campus based family

Jerome Manapsal – a God’s gift to me, a brother, a friend, a bestfriend.

These people are blessings to me. I know I still have a lot of people to thank.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I just thank the Lord for His instruments of love.

BONUS: Our sister company, Wang Videography sponsored the Same Day Edit of the SFC Icon. Check them out!


BONUS: He made #SFCICON2013 trend not just once but TWICE.


This weekend was a miracle from heaven. It is the start of filling my heart and mind with memories of Jesus so that I can fully understand obedience and be a WITNESS.

“Do whatever he tells you.” — John 2:5


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