Baguio Trip

What: Vacation

When: February 1-2, 2013

Where: Baguio

Who: Jerome, Levin, Kaye, Maan and Mara

We got our tickets reserved a day before our desired trip. 1140pm’s our departure at Victory Liner, Caloocan.

Nasa Baguio na kami ng mga 6am then punta agad sa bahay nila Kaye sa malayong lugar. haha! Natulog muna kami nila Jerome, Maan, Mara and Kaye and then….


First stop. 50’s Diner. Strawberry Shake. Burger and i can’t remember the name. HAHA.

IMG_4246 IMG_4249 IMG_4256 IMG_4257







Maan, Mara, Kaye, Jerome

IMG_4254 IMG_4251









2nd Stop. Camp John Hay. Quick visit sa event ng CFC tapos pictorial. 

“Life is my playground”- Regatta.

Thanks to our sponsors — Uniqlo and Regatta.














3rd Stop. Tam-awan Village Tour. Entrance Fee is Php50, 20% discount for students.





















Palacio Sisters with Kaye.










May mga umiikot na tribe members tapos sumasayaw sila.














Super effort ang pag-tour/pag-akyat sa tuktok ha.

More pictures.

IMG_4274 IMG_4275









Finally. Eto na yung nasa tuktok. HAHAHAHA.













Picture nalang.

IMG_4297 IMG_4291

IMG_4312 IMG_4274 IMG_4275



















3rd stop. SM Baguio.

IMG_4349 IMG_4351









4th stop. Sizzling Plate Baguio.

IMG_4369 IMG_4362











Matagal ang service, pero mabilis maningil. Perfect.

IMG_4370 IMG_4371 IMG_4373 IMG_4372







We ended the day sa ukay. Panalo ang mga 3 for Php100 at 3 for Php50.


Day 2

I cooked breakfast 🙂









Egg with cheese with mayonnaise.


5th stop. Lourdes Grotto.

Hindi ko na nabilang yung steps sa sobrang pagod. Tao lang, tumatanda din.

IMG_4380 IMG_4379











Bought candles para sa prayer 🙂














IMG_4391 IMG_4396 IMG_4403 IMG_4422

















Nothing special sa Baguio, we just enjoyed the weather and relaxed a bit.

Yey! Thank you Lord kasi natuloy tong Baguio trip namin. HAHAHAHA.

Happy to be with friends.


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