I was born on May 12, 1989.

May 12, 2012.
I was not expecting anything from anyone, but God did not allow me not to be surprised. His wonderful and thoughful children were there for
me to be reminded of His great love. Even though it was my first time not to be with my family the day before my birthday, He has always a perfect plan, the Lord gave me another family to be with, my YFC family. He never failed to make me feel like His daughter, His princess on my special day. We took pictures, sang happy birthday, I watched birthday greetings, and the most awaited part was the slicing and EATING of the cake.
Indeed, I was with my family.


This year, it was a unique birthday celebration. I had the chance to share Jesus Christ in a youth camp. It was the first time I delivered the session ‘Who is Jesus Christ to me?’. At that very moment, when i was reflecting on the session that I will be giving, it made me realize how shallow my personal relationship with Christ, even if I felt
like I knew a lot if things about Him.

As i was reading and reflecting on the Bible verses, I felt joy that I accepted the mission. I was too afraid then to give that session because I felt like it was too hard for me to introduce Jesus Christ to those who badly needed to know Him. After those thoughts consumed all of me, I felt Jesus comforting and saying to me,
‘My friend, I was always waiting for this chance to tell you personal stories about myself,how I wanted to be closer to you’.

On that day,my birthday, Jesus reveals Himself straight to my heart. I felt sorry for myself because I was too fearful to accept the deeper friendship that He wanted to give me.

Thank you Lord for the gift of life, for the 23 years. I will be forever grateful. You will always be my source of joy.

“I call you my friend, because I have tild you everything I heard from my Father” – JOHN 15:15


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